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Hello readers:

We are the reporters of the new magazine OKAPI.
We hope to give you some funny moments with us.

lunes, 12 de enero de 2009

here you have a funny test:

What season are you?

1 – Do you prefer wearing shoes:
a) Old shoes

c) Trainers
b) Mountain boots

2-in another life, What animal were you?
a) A lizard
c) a frog
b) A teddy bear

3-what temperature makes you feel good?
b) 25ºC
c) 28ºC
a) 38ºC

4-when you eat chilli...
b) You throw fire for three days.
a) You notice an agreeable tickle in the top of the tongue.
c) You spit it immediately but delicately

5 - your next trip will be ...
a) On the back of a camel in Sahara.
c) On the back of a donkey, in Catalonia
b) On the back of a yak in Tibet.

6- When do you like the dawn ...
a) Before you get up
b) after getting up
c) when you get up

7- When would you like to be on holiday:
b) Nov-Dec
c) Mar-Apr
a) May-June

8-After being 15 minutes under the sun you are ...
b) Red
a) happy
c) hidden beneath the hat and sunglasses

9- When do you sleep with an open window ?
a) two months a year
c) four months a year
b) all year

10- In winter, you get hot listening to…

Most (a)spring-summer trend You're an authentic creature and need the summer sun and heat to reach the fullness. In fact, you are of those people who never suffer hot in summer. WHEN autumn begins, your mind goes down, and in winter you depress. You ONLY HAVE TWO SOLUTIONS: -Spend the end of the year in Brazil, or become a philosopher and try to find a theory that charms your pale winter.

Most (b)trend autumn-winter Appreciate the sun and heat, but from far away. Your favourite time of the year is winter. You love being near the chimney, the coat, the snow that falls or the Christmas holiday. Might through your veins is running bear blood, because at the end of autumn you have a tendency to hibernate. And you always welcome with some regret the spring and its light.

MOST (c) Spring autumn trend The ideal time for you is a bit of sun but not much, and about 23º or 25 º C temperature. If the thermometer rises, you start sweating, and if it goes down, brrrr! So you feel good six months a year and you spend the other six complaining about weather.



Match in the Barcelona ( Camp Nou )

FC Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid

Match in the Madrid ( Barnaveu )

FC Barcelona ? - ? Real madrid

Eto 1-0

FC Barcelona 2-0 Madrid , amb rally tey it become it has ended 2-0 for Barcelona.
In frist half big opening however no with Teams noit has showen than stand on shooting Goals . Hovever soon for begunning two half stay indicaded cast penal
But yes fantastic goalkopper as Casillas they be able say than Even amb cast penal it is possible defend recentry goal it has shot Samuel Eto several minutes later Lioney Messi else it has subjuqated porpose amb it has shot next Gool Thorgh Madrit no it has taken adrantaqe mults Situacjon it Else no we know that we will in Bernabeu.

Messsi 2-0

jueves, 8 de enero de 2009